Where’s your place?

Today I’m struggling a little. Okay, maybe more than a little. We are getting close to crunch time for the Diaper Shower, there are new parenting classes going on, and the bills to keep the doors open are still coming in. Diapers and wipes are starting to come in, which is amazing. I’m grateful for those who have donated them already. More people are becoming aware of us and we are starting to get more and more regular phone calls and new requests for parenting classes. I’m starting to catch myself getting up in the night thinking about things which need to be done and not being able to sleep. So I get up, work a little while and go back to bed.

You may be thinking this all sounds great! And it is great. God’s work is underway. But it’s time to really ask those of you who follow this and support us an important question. Where is your place here?

We have a handful of financial supporters, to which I am eternally grateful. We have prayer warriors who keep us going in so many ways. We have people who bring things in to the office which in turn will be given to new mom’s or mothers in crisis. We have a few new people starting to bring in diapers and wipes. The Haven can’t exist without any of you.

But there aren’t enough people in any of those categories. We really need more regular financial supporters until we qualify for grants. We need more prayer warriors. There will never be enough prayer warriors. We also need people to come into the office and help sort and repackage diapers, people who are gifted at minor repairs and cleaning to help get the upstairs ready. We need people who are committed to seeing The Haven become a crisis maternity home and are willing to serve on the board of directors. We need people who are good at fundraising and know how to get it done. We will need some volunteers to come and help fill diaper needs and keep up with the records for the diaper bank. In short, we need you to step up into your place here at The Haven.

The truth is I’m not great at all of these things. I’m great at loving the families who come through our door. I’m gifted at talking to a young mom who is wondering if her baby is getting enough breast milk. I’m happiest when I’m with a couple becoming a new family with the birth of their child. I’m terrible at asking people and businesses for funding and financial support. I have no idea what I’m doing when I’m looking at when I see all the paper work required for 501.c3 status and it makes me wonder what I’m doing. It is time to ask each of you who read this to step up and start helping in an area you might be good at. God has reminded me I can’t do this without you. I can’t do this alone. Which is not easy for me to admit.

Call 417-414-3003 today and let me know how you can plug in.

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