Tuesday Prayer Time!

Today’s biggest prayer request is for Monthly Giving Partners. We are getting close to making our goal but we truly need more people to step up and join us. Please pray about your part in this ministry effort.

We are working on a date for our open house, and for a day of blessing. It is important, as we finish cleaning the second story and get ready for Grand Opening, that a time of prayer and blessing be held. This space needs to be dedicated to God’s glory and to the mission He has placed before us. It may be a long drive for some of you but please consider being a part of this important event.

New classes are starting, including Baby Day Survival Courses, Breastfeeding Support Groups and a Teen Parent Support Group. Check out the Upcoming Events page to see the times and dates for these courses and support groups.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, taking the time to be a part of The Haven. You are very important to us and we are ever grateful to you for your support.

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