Tuesday Prayer Time!


Yep. This is what it’s like. Well, okay, maybe not quite this bad. But the time has come to make some changes! It is time to get out of the dining room and get into a real office.

After praying and praying, and asking for confirmation, we are seeking office space. We have found one which is on the square in Buffalo and is really a perfect location for us. Right now we are getting all our funds in line before we sign the dotted line. We need prayer to cover these efforts.

Haven Needs a Home

The link above takes you to a fundraising website we have started to help us achieve this goal. Many of you will be getting letters in the mail about this. Please pray for Monthly Giving Partners to help fund our need for an office.

Also keep our clients in your prayers. We have a baby due and it won’t be long before The Haven’s first baby will be here! Keep her in your prayers as she enters into motherhood!

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