Tuesday Prayer Requests!

Today I want to give thanks for a few things as well as list a few prayer requests.

Thank you to Stonebridge Church for getting gifts for a few of The Haven clients. It’s really amazing to have so much love from a church family! Stonebridge has supported The Haven in so many ways and I am grateful!

A couple of families could use some prayer right now. Two families are getting closer to having their children back in the home. Pray they keep their focus and will keep the changes they have worked towards. Also pray for jobs for them, as this is one area which is causing stress.

There are new parenting clients and are just getting started. It’s a very stressful situation for them right now and they could use some prayer for awareness of the changes they need to make. Some decisions need to made and they need to own up to some poor choices. They need awareness of God’s place in their lives as well.

I’m very excited for an opportunity to work closely with the Missouri Extension office and 4H program here in Dallas County. 4H was a huge thing for me as a child and this is a great chance for me to give back to a program which is full of wonderful memories for me and it also lines up with our philosophy and will be great partnership. I have to admit I was super excited and almost broke out into a happy dance this morning when the ladies came by the office this morning.

Our diaper bank will be getting kicked off next month with a Diaper Shower on January 30th. We will be having a party and taking donations of diapers, wipes and shelving. Volunteers will be needed all during January to do a variety of tasks, including handing out flyers and invitations, cleaning the upstairs to get things ready, and a few people to help acquire donations as giveaways for the party. It’s going to be a lot of fun and getting ready for this phase of The Haven.

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