Tuesday Prayer Requests

Thank you for being a prayer partner today! We’ve had a few extra donations come in during the last week and it has really helped. So the first order of business is to give thanks!

Now we have a few clients who could also use the prayers. Two of the families who are working to get their children back in their home are going through some difficult times. They are working hard and a few hiccups are making things even harder. Both families could use extra prayers.

One other prayer request we need to address is the difficulties of transportation for many of the young mothers. Many of our clients only have one vehicle in the family or none at all. This is leaving many teen mothers at home alone all day, every day, without interaction with others. They need interaction with other adults, other mothers and women. We are looking for volunteers or other solutions to help these young mothers get to our teen parent support groups and other times for interaction. Pray for a solution or volunteers to present themselves.

The Haven is also looking for interested people to become a part of our Board of Directors. We are looking for people who are interested in helping with completing all of our 501.(c)3 qualifications, coming up with ideas and suggestions for more ways to reach our target group, and people who have great ideas about fundraising. If you are interested in helping or joining up as a partner with The Haven please call or message us.

It has been a good couple of weeks, and a long couple of weeks, and we crave your prayers.

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