Time to Sign up Prayer Partners!

I have been remiss in not doing this in the beginning. I had some people praying privately but I realized today in my quiet time that it is time to get on the stick and have a dedicated group of prayer partners. Prayer is more important than any other type of help, it covers us in protection, guides us to clients, helps open doors which might otherwise stay sealed shut against us.

I am asking for people to commit to praying for the Haven on a consistent, regular basis. I am asking for people to commit to praying once a week, every Tuesday, for specific prayer requests which will be sent out every Monday.

If you can be willing to commit to this, please use the contact me segment of this website or contact me through facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thehavenmaternityhome?ref=hl

Please, take a few minutes and pray for The Haven today and consider joining us every Tuesday morning for a moment of focused prayer.

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