Time to move forward again

The last couple of months of been a time of change and emotions for those of us at The Haven. We had to stop, take some time, reflect, pray, cry, and put everything on hold during a major transition in our family. I spent most of September getting ready for my parents to be gone for almost a month, meaning I would be taking care of their home, my grandfather’s home, taking care of my grandfather and his wife in their assisted living home, and still trying to keep up with The Haven and my own home. My husband was out of town for a week due to work so for a couple of days it was just me. My parents left on their cruise, my husband came home, and we had one day together before everything had to be paused.

The Sunday after my husband got home on Saturday started a chain of events which has left all of us tired, sad, emotional and at a loss. My grandfather fell, this time sustaining severe head trauma, and we got the call around 4:30 am. My mother was on a cruise so we only told her what we thought was true. He had fallen, had a head injury and would probably be going to the skilled nursing facility he had been in previously with another fall. She continued on her trip. By Monday afternoon things had changed. Something happened Monday afternoon and the doctors were unable to determine what had happened but they were able to tell us by Tuesday afternoon there was no hope of a full recovery any more. And I had to tell my mother.

Thankfully my grandfather had prepared documents for this eventuality and they were already on file. I only had to make sure the hospital accessed them and follow his pre-authorized instructions. Once the determination had been made he was not to have any life support and allowed to pass naturally. The next 14 days we, my entire family of cousins and other family, took turns sitting with him, loving him, making sure he knew his wife was next to him, and updating my mother during her cruise. Eventually I had to let her know it was time to come home if she wanted to be with him before the end. Thankfully she made it, and he passed less than 36 hours after she returned home.

We had 97 1/2 years with the man I called Gran. He left us a legacy which is filled with God’s love and gave us a generational blessing which will go on for generations to come. He was truly the patriarchal spiritual leader of our family. We are still sad at his passing, but only for ourselves. We know he is in Heaven rejoicing with our Heavenly Father and I would never dream of asking him to give that up. I do miss him terribly. I always will. I do know the best way I can honor him is to never forget our spiritual heritage and push forward with getting The Haven Maternity Home up and running. Even though I have had to slow down and take time to mourn, I am more determined than ever to follow through with the promise God has given. I will honor Gran’s memory this way.



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