Season of Giving

This time of year it’s not unusual to hear every non-profit organization suggesting you make a donation to them. It’s something many of us do for a variety of reasons. Taxes, generosity, all of these are good reasons.

We also find ourselves spending more than usual on other things like gifts. We sometimes spend a lot more than we intended to and it can make the budget a little tighter.

With all of this being said it’s important we take a moment to remember a few things. The non-profit organizations need your donations very much. This time of year can make or break some organizations. Some groups receive the bulk of their yearly donations around this time. Those tax breaks are great for you and great for the organization you choose to give to.

Sometimes another situation happens. When we spend too much on gifts and we neglect to give. If you have made a promise to an organization to send a monthly or regular contribution it is important to follow through with the promise. If you have over spent your gift budget and have sacrificed your giving budget in order to cover it you need to think about the impact this can have. The bills an organization has does not go down in December or January. The needs sometimes go up with heating bills and extra holiday expenses.

Whatever your situation this season, take some time to think about the non-profit organizations in your area and which ones could use your support. Don’t forget to send in what you have promised or consider an extra donation to help make up for those which invariably won’t show up. December and January can be the best or worst for an organization. This is a season of giving, find a way to give to more than just your own family.

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