How can you join us to make a difference?

Several people starting to ask how to help or how to get involved. We wanted to take a few moments to share with you how you can help make a difference in Dallas County!

The first obvious way to help is to donate. We have monthly expenses now and need help in keeping our storefront and utilities going. There are many ways to donate, monthly or one time only. You can follow this link to our Crowdrise fundraiser, through pay pal on our How can I help page, or by mailing a donation to PO Box 222, Buffalo MO, 65622. Funds are needed, not for salary, but to keep the doors open.

Prayer is another way to join together to help. Prayer Partners are as important as funds. We need people praying for our clients, for us, and for doors to be open.

Then there are physical things we need. Shelving for supplies and teaching materials, paint and muscle to work on the bathroom, decorators to make the space more welcoming and help to clean and prepare the upstairs for use. We need help with clients to get back and forth to support groups. We need you to share about us on facebook and twitter. We need people to be on the board of directors, to help us through the filing of 501(c)3 paperwork, to come up with ideas to reach those who need our services.

Come visit the office and talk about you can be a part of The Haven and make a difference in Dallas County. The office is open every weekday except Wednesday, usually by 9:00 AM. Sometimes it is closed due to home visits, but open as often as possible.

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