The Haven Diaper Hub

Diaper Hub

Diaper Need is very misunderstood and largely unrecognized by those who have never experienced it. If you would like further information please follow the links provided to learn more. If you are interested in volunteering to help repackage diapers please contact our office at 417-414-3003.

Families can use the diaper hub once every 30 days. When you come in your family will receive points based on your family size. You can then use the points to pick out the items your family needs the most. You can even earn more points by keeping your WIC and doctor appointments! Volunteer at any local organization and earn even more points! When you take steps to improve your situation we will give you more points to spend.

We encourage every family who uses the diaper bank/pantry to volunteer at The Haven at least once or twice a year. Volunteering is essential to keeping things running smooth and to be able to keep doing what we do.


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