God is so Good!

praise-the-lordI come to you today to tell you a story of how good God is and how great His promises are.

I was very anxious because our donations have been just barely keeping us afloat and even though I know God said to do this, it was getting harder and harder to believe in His promises. Then this weekend happened.

One donor sent double her normal donation. And then a church blessed us with enough money to keep us going for 4 months! In one shot! God is doing so many amazing things I just wanted to cry! Actually, when they called me up to the front and I had no idea what they were doing, I almost started crying then. Then when they told me how much they were giving me and that it was just the start, I did cry. A lot. My home church of Stonebridge is amazing and such a huge part of the prayer support and financial support for The Haven. It is such a blessing! I truly can not thank them enough!


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