Getting back on track with Prayer!

The last month has been super busy and full of excitement! The garage sale is coming together, clients are getting closer to due dates, and it’s summer! There are some new clients coming on board and working on getting started on the best plan for them.

It’s obvious one of the prayer requests is just to keep up! Another is for office space. It is becoming increasingly clear it is very hard to keep up with paperwork and making all the calls, and keeping things organized while having the office in my home. The distractions of trying to be a housewife, business owner and keeping up with everything are clashing. The garage sale fundraiser is so important to getting funds to have office and educational space. We are still taking donations of things to put in the sale.

Prayers for our clients is really needed right now. There are babies coming due, court dates looming, families with difficult decisions to be made. These families truly need serious prayer. Please take time today to pray for them. Your prayers are important.

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