The Diaper Bank Work Day

baby-meme-sleepIt’s almost time! The Diaper Bank will be opening on February 15 and there are still things to do! We need to finish sorting and repackaging the diapers, clean the upstairs, put shelves together and move everything upstairs! If we can get a few people to come help we can knock this out pretty quickly.

We will have lunch for those who come help so it would help if you can RSVP to make sure we have enough food for everyone. There will be a volunteer meeting starting at 12:30 PM so even if you can’t help put it all together please come to the volunteer meeting. It will be good to get everyone who has expressed interest in volunteering together to meet and come up with some good ideas.

We have been so blessed this week with diaper donations and then the Buffalo Prairie Middle School had a Penny War and they raised $2271.77! It was an incredibly humbling experience. This group of kids is super amazing. It’s things like this which let you know kids are not all bad and can actually do a huge work of good when they put their minds to it. Thanks to Colby Wimberly and Jacque Rice, the sponsors for the Student Council, who helped the kids get this done.

We have a huge start for keeping the diaper bank going and are ready to make a difference in Dallas County. Thank you for being a part of this ministry!

diaper bank donation pics

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