Baby Day Survival Course: The Crash Course version!

childbirth-courseAre you expecting a baby? Not really sure what to expect? Starting to get nervous about the big day and even more, bringing baby home? The Haven offers a 1 day, crash course in childbirth and what to expect when you bring your new baby home.

On the 3rd Saturday from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM you can join us in getting a crash course in childbirth, breastfeeding and bringing baby home. We cover the basics from pain management to hospital protocols, what to expect from the labor process and things you need to know and prepare for when you bring your new baby home. This class includes a light lunch and all the materials you need.

The cost of this class is $40 but there are scholarships and other ways to cover the cost of your class. The Haven is determined to make all of our materials and classes available to anyone who needs them. Don’t let cost stand in the way of attending and getting the information you need to prepare you for the big day!

If you can’t do it all in one day contact our office at 417-414-3003 and we can schedule a class to meet your needs.


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